Best Beaches without Florida Beaches

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Best Beaches in Latin America

Firstly, Florida Best Beaches are famous over the world. But now we are providing the list of Latin American Best Beaches. Because of some people do not know the Best Places in Latin America.

Best Beaches

Best Beaches Rather than Florida Beaches

1. Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is a public Best Beach on the Caribbean island of Culebra. It is known for its shallow turquoise waters, white sand, swimming areas, and diving sites. However Culebra is an island 20 miles off the north-east coast of Puerto Rico. Moreover, in March 2014, Flamenco beach was ranked 3rd best beach in the world.


2. Playa Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

If you’re not familiar with the area, Manuel Antonio is located off of Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast. The area is famous for having one of the most popular national parks in the country. It also has plenty of biodiversity, which attracts lots of nature lovers and adventure seekers. However, after a day of hiking or other adventurous activity, there’s nothing better than a long beach walk to unwind and relax.   While all of Costa Rica is famous for its beaches.


3. Placencia Peninsula in Belize

Placencia is a perfect emerald promontory in southern Belize with 16 miles of sandy shorelines. The Caribbean ocean is toward the east and the enchanting Placencia tidal pond misleads west looking towards the Maya Mountains on the terrain. Placencia is basically isolated into two sections: south of the airstrip and north of the airstrip.

The whole promontory can be effortlessly explored on a shoreline cruiser bicycle. The bustling piece of Placencia lies in the south where the guest will locate the more prominent convergence of cafes, bistros, web bistros, the harbor, visitor houses, taxi and transport station, banks and nearby eateries.


4. West Bay Beach in Roatán, Honduras

West Bay Beach is situated on the western most piece of Roatan. It is no big surprise Lonely Planet portrayed it as “pitch consummate” (2010). The minute you set your eyes on this radiant portion of sandy rapture, you, in the same way as other others, will become hopelessly enamored.

West Bay is the thing that many consider the photo culminate Caribbean goal: white sand, clear, quiet waters and full administration resorts. The assortment of water exercises incorporate scuba jumping, angling contracts, snorkeling and parasailing. Scuba jumping and different suppliers leave straightforwardly from the shoreline so beginning your water-based exercises is simple and helpful. Water taxis interface West Bay Beach with West End Village.

5. Playa Estrella in Panama

The transport from Boquete to Bocas Del Toro add up to term is around four hours, and in case you’re inclined to movement infection ensure you take some Dramamine, as the rugged streets are extremely blustery. The transport was about $30 per individual, making this an exceptionally reasonable approach to move around the nation. The ticket likewise incorporated the water taxi ride from the town of Almirante, to the real town of Bocas on Isla Colon.

Furthermore, Bocas Del Toro is an island region comprising of a few noteworthy islands arranged in the Caribbean ocean. The focal local location of the islands is Bocas town, which lays on the Southeast archipelago of Isla Colon. Moreover, the district is home to huge banana estates having a place with Chiquita, who produces 3/4 of a million tons of bananas in the territory consistently.


6. Praia Corsario in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Therefore, take in the most notable Brazilian cuisine, music and architecture in Salvador. Known as the capital of happiness due to the overwhelming feeling of a stress free life, Salvador is in the list of Best Beaches vacationer’s paradise.


7. Playa Mansa and Playa Brava in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Firstly, Mansa Beach, or Playa Mansa, is a prominent spot on Uruguay’s Atlantic drift in the southeastern piece of the nation. Despite the fact that the region sees an exceptionally private populace. Where there are two sorts of coastline: brava (savage) and mansa (tame). Off course that are Best Beaches.

However Mansa Beach reaches out from the Chilean Beach up to the Port of Punta del Este. The cove is tranquil with extremely quiet waters and thick sand. While the water dives from deep to shallow as you approach that Port. At the shoreline you’ll discover an angling club and an adjacent wooden scaffold to cross for wonderful perspectives of the cove, Gorriti Island and the promontory.


8. Máncora in Peru

Finally, Máncora is the place for honeymoon couples in the late spring months thousand of visitors come here from the World. However, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why – Peru’s best sandy shoreline extends for a few kilometers in the sunniest area of the nation. While many rich resorts and their financial plan cognizant brethren present rooms just strides from the moving waves.

On shore, the greater part of the activity is center around the uproarious principle road, with a lot of good fish eateries and universal flavors to look over.