Facebook blocked in pakistan

Facebook Blocked in Pakistan

Facebook is going to Banned in Pakistan and in many countries due to save their religious and culture values. However, Facebook Blocked is considering, on official ground as Government of these countries thinking to banned Facebook. A petition is going to file in Islamabad High Court with a plea to temporarily banned. Facebook in the country till blasphemous content is fully and permanently ban. Therefore, The petitions is going file in different courts across the country to block and ban social networking sites such as Facebook.

Facebook BlockedAccording to Pakistan Tribe correspondent, it has been requested in the petition filed in the high court. That Facebook should be ban in the country till the removal of all blasphemous contents on the social media. In Addition “As my suggestion please do not follow that kind of pages or do not like and share these kind of posts and try to block from your side and must be report that kind of stuff.”

Finally, But you do not need to worry if you are addict to use Facebook or wanna contact with your friends. So you can use Facebook in many countries with a simple tips and tricks. Now we are here to tell you how can be unblocked Facebook without any additional software and free of cost everybody can use it.

Ways to Unblock Facebook Whether Facebook Blocked in Country

  1. The best & most reliable way to unblock Facebook is by using a VPN extensions in your browser. These days VPN extensions works well on mobile and other devices too. And the main thing is that these VPN are totally Free and easily available on net. Some VPN including Browsec, Zemnate and Spot shield are common and best. So we can use them on first priority.
  2. Free gate is one of the best Ultra surf Alternative and it’s a small software which requires installation. Setting up is easy and within minutes you will be able to access any blocked website.
  3. Ultra surf is a proxy tool which will let you surf Internet via proxy. You need to change your internet connection settings to access websites including Facebook. This one is available as desktop software & chrome add-on.
  4. Proxy site works as an alternative link to Facebook. Filters won’t be able to detect such site but I will suggest not to use proxy sites to unblock Facebook as your Facebook login might get int danger. Anyways, for working proxy sites for Facebook, you can search in Google for keywords like “Working proxy sites” “Facebook proxy sites” Ex: Hide-my-IP