Tips of Stock Markets

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The Best Tips Of Stock Markets

Tips of Stock Markets Every country has own stock markets and rules to follow London Stock Markets is biggest market. Where we can find all the contracts on every months and huge range of amount which we need to hedge.

Tips of Stock Markets


  • Always deal with broker registered with SECP. You can verify the same from the websites of stock exchange. Carefully and completely fill in all account opening forms and make sure to obtain their copies for your record.
  • Make all payment through crossed cheque in the name of broker.
  • Give order either in writing or on recorded telephone line of the broker.
  • Make sure to receive a trade confirmation within 24 hours.
  • Obtain copy of schedule of applicable fee and charges from the broker for your record.
  • Always obtain periodical statement of accounts from broker and CDC, and compare then with your record.

Do not’s

  • Don’t leave anything blank in your Account opening Form.
  • Don’t execute any document without fully understanding its terms and conditions.
  • Never forgo obtaining all documents of transactions in good faith.
  • Do not transact, based on media reports, rumors or promises of guaranteed or high returns.
  • Do not authorize someone else to operate your account on your behalf such authorization can be misused.

Hedging TIPS of Stock Markets

Furthermore, Stock Markets use for hedging and purchase and sales the commodity and derivatives on fixed date and prices. Hedging methods such as  Forward Rate , Future Rate, Option Contract and Collars on Options. Some of them are over the counter and some are standard. Normally we use when need foreign currency exposure to mitigate as low as possible. And we are sure that prices of commodity or currency will fluctuate maybe in favor or not in favor.

On the other hand, stocks and bonds, trade raw materials don’t get much respect. But experts say commodities should make up a small percentage of a portfolio. Because these assets behave differently from equities or fixed income, making them a good diversification tool. As well as trading futures contracts directly is a difficult world.

So mutual funds or exchange-traded funds have become popular ways for average investors to get exposure to the natural resources. That are staples of everyday life, such as oil or agricultural products. Finally, not all exchange-traded funds are created equal, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Some ETFs buy shares of commodities producers. While others buy futures contracts or buy and store the commodity itself.