British Fashion Style

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British Fashion Style or American Fashion Style

British Fashion Style vs American Fashion Style it debate remain over years however different weather the reason and culture we discussed below. Surely you have already noticed. In the last few seasons it is like ripped bag with various designs, which our creators and try to convince retailers of clothing that are important and unmistakable trend. We had already psychedelia, the Orient, and artistic monochrome abstraction, but in a while, however, in the design of topical issue – and now it comes – patriotism.

They can not afford it all. Nationhood can symbolize only if you are from the US or the UK. National motives, or more specifically flags of the two countries, the most recent appearing on clothing and in particular enhancements across the entire spectrum of fashion shops, chain, Factory Outlets and find them even in the boutique.

British Fashion Style

Although builders elements of the two models are quite different, the final impression that they achieve is common: for example, denim jacket with a stitched pattern of American stars tend to rebel and predatory impression. Union Jack, the British flag pattern, operates youthful and fresh and its popularity is predominantly on sneakers, T-shirts and leggings, but are not lagging example, neither the original cases for iPhone. But perhaps there is no need to say, combine them with each other in one outfit is inadmissible. It remains so now only unanswered question: will the British for an intellectual or subtly American rebel?

American Fashion Style in 5 Steps

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1. Keep it classic

Go for simple pieces but make them your own. We have two great posts here on wearing a simple plain white tee in unexpected ways. Simple pieces do not have to be boring!

2. Invest in key pieces

I wrote a piece on the twenty modern classics every girl should own and I think these pieces are essential to having an easy-to-navigate wardrobe for any occasion. These pieces are the ones you can easily mix and match to create something new and fun, without having to constantly shop. This simplicity is definitely a big aspect of American Fashion Style.

3. Don’t follow every trend

One thing I love about American style is that everyone seems to be so comfortable in their own style – they know exactly what suits them and how to wear it well. To me, American style is all about finding out what suits you and looking good in it, instead of always being swayed by the catwalks. Of course, experiment with trends, but stay true to yourself and your style.

4. Think simple, laid back, and cute

Americans get a lot of flack from Europeans about their style being “boring,” but I love its comfortable and effortless simplicity. It’s more about style than fashion here in the US. In America, it’s not so much about what you wear, it’s about the way you wear it.

5. Think (and shop) outside of the box

The local mall here in Minnesota is an uninspiring array of preppy and plaid, so I love to see girls on campus who dress outside of this. One of the first posts I ever read here at College Fashion was this one, and I also think this one is fab for finding your own style. I have found it’s easy to shop in the same places as everyone else, but I have also found there are amazing items available online in stores you might not have nearby. So if you find all the stores nearby are too “American” in style, try new places!!

British Fashion Style in 5 Steps

1. Layer, layer, layer

Invest in a few great jackets- especially a Leather Pants, Jeggings Jeans and a blazer. Scarves are always a great accessory for keeping you warm as well as stylish. Also, wear tights with everything!

2. Always be prepared for rain!

It rains a lot in England, so if you’re spending some time there, always pack a cute umbrella and make sure your shoes are waterproof!

3. Add edgy pieces to a feminine look

Wear leather boots with a lace dress, a studded bracelet with a prom dress or a leather jacket over your tea dress. Even after all these years, British Fashion Style still has an element of punk left in it.

4. Never look too “done.”

Keep your hair messy or your eye makeup slightly smudgy to get a real festival feel. Don’t worry if you have a run in your tights- wear them anyway! Mix and match unexpected patterns and textures for a “I just threw this on” look.

5. Be brave and have fun!

My favorite thing about British style is that we’re not afraid to have fun with fashion. So wear bright tights instead of black, or pair two loud-print pieces together instead of keeping one simple. Incorporate catwalk trends into your everyday look, and don’t be afraid to rock outlandish items with confidence.