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'Life is too short to Wearing Boring Clothes' Fashion | News | Poetry | Chat Rooms | Fun Pakistani Indian Arab English Chat Rooms.

Fashion | News | Poetry | Chat Rooms | Entertainment Fun Plenty of Fish Pakistani Indian Arab English Chat Rooms. I can't help but adore the diversity that is being spread through style tips and stunning OOTD looks for people who don't adhere to the unrealistic nature of Western beauty standards. Muslim fashion bloggers are rarely seen in the mainstream media, but their style can reach far beyond colonialist perceptions of Islamic dress. From The Hijab Lolita to Muslim beauty pageants, the world of Muslim beauty is far larger than we're often led to believe. Emerging designers, beware: Even if you are able to create a beautiful product, the fashion world is fraught with tricky choices on incorporation, competitive analysis, sales, and protecting your brand.Personally, as a white woman, I love reading these blogs even if I know that I am not their target audience. Finally, the fashion world isn't specifically catering only to me, or women who look like me. And that's a beautiful thing. Their looks are flawless, their tone is happy; and these specific blogs are scratching the surface of a massive Beauty and lifestyle videos twice a week, whilst also running her store Pearl Daisy, where she sells hooded hijab that was an invention all of her own!

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Pakistani Indian Arab English Chat Rooms.

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Arab Fashion

Usa Fashion

Arab Fashion Usa fashion

The Arab Fashion World is far and wide and a mystery to anyone who is not familiar with its paradoxes; yet one thing seems to unify all Arab ladies around the region.

The United States of America is one of the leading countries in the fashion design industry, UK, Germany and Japan. Skirts and Jeans for female and other stuff.

Arab Fashion Usa Fashion



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Ghazal by Poet

Two Line Poetry

Ghazal by Poet Two Line Poetry

Ghazal Shayri is a form or poetry which is little longer than other forms of poetry and contains more words. This page also contains ghazals and poems.

Two Lines Poetry and Two Lines Shayari is poetry in two lines. Two Lines Poetry is expressed in just two lines. Two Lines Shayari is popular form of urdu.

Ghazal by Poet Two Line Poetry

Fashion blog network we'll hopefully be seeing much more of in future.

As more and more different types of fashion blogs come into the mainstream

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